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€75 -- That's how much you'll be fined for leaving bin out 'too early'

FAMILIES now face €75 on-the-spot fines if they put their rubbish bins out too early.

New plans being introduced by Dublin City Council will also see residents and businesses fined for not presenting their bin or bags in a way that satisfies officials.

The crackdown on what the council believes are shoddy waste-collection practices involves on-the-spot fines of €75, the Herald can reveal.

The council has defined an area in the city centre as the central commercial district.

"In the central commercial district, waste collection is only to take place between 7pm and 7am on collection day and waste is not to be presented for collection before 5pm," explained assistant city manager Seamus Lyons.

In areas outside this zone, waste collection is to take place only between 6am and 10pm and waste is not to be presented for collection before 6pm on the day before collection.

The commercial zone is bounded by Parnell Street, Capel Street and Gardiner Street Lower on the northside and Aungier Street, St Stephen's Green, Merrion Street Upper and Westland Row on the southside.

"Waste must be presented in such a manner that the holder and authorised waste collector for a household or commercial premises can be clearly identified from the container itself," Mr Lyons stated.

"In the case of a bag collection, each bag must clearly identify the waste operator who in turn must be able to identify the person presenting the waste for collection," he added.

City council chiefs want to ensure "good waste management practices" are applied.

Included in the draft by-laws is a requirement that refuse be stored in an "environmentally friendly and safe manner".

"It must be presented for collection in an appropriate container and in a manner that is safe and that would not create a nuisance through odours or litter," Mr Lyons added.

The proposed laws come in the wake of the botched transfer of the council's bin service to private operator Greyhound.

Families are obliged to have their waste collected by an approved collector or disposed of at an approved facility. The same applies for the holders of commercial waste.

Failure to "satisfy the council in this regard will result in an on-the-spot fine" of €75, Mr Lyons stated in a report.

Under the draft by-laws for the Storage, Presentation and Collection of Household & Commercial Waste 2012, the segregation of organic waste is required for commercial operators.

"Provision is made for an on-the-spot fine of €75 for breaches of the by-laws," the assistant manager said. The council's environment & engineering committee will now consider the measures.

Ratification of provisions by the city council is required before a public consultation can start. Under this process, the draft by-laws will be put on public display for at least one month.

All the submissions will then be evaluated and a report will be submitted in the first instance to the SPC and then to the city council. Adoption of by-laws is a reserved function of the city council.