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€7.15 for a pint of lager is hard to swallow, says irate drinker

THEY say you should always check your bill ... twice.

One Dublin reveller could be forgiven for taking a second look after forking out €7.15 for a pint of lager.

Temple Bar pub Oliver St John Gogarty's has been forced to defend its prices, which are increased at 11pm.

A customer was left shocked after being charged €14.30 for two pints of lager - working out at €7.15 each.

The irate customer posted the photo of the receipt on Facebook, captioning the snap: "Recession my a**e!!!! Rip off...€7.15 for a pint!!!"

While Temple Bar is known for its expensive pints, the pub itself said its prices are competitive.

A staff member at the bar said that customers "rarely" complain about the €7.15 fee.

"Tourists rarely complain about the prices," according to the employee.

"Maybe the Americans would say something the odd time, but Europeans would never complain."


A pint of lager at the bar is priced at €6.60 but is increased to €7.15 at 11pm.

A pint of Guinness is priced at €5.70 during the day but is increased by 50C at the same time. Spirits cost about €6, depending on the type of spirit, and also increase by price at 11pm.