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672 quizzed on trouble at council apartments

A BLITZ on antisocial behaviour in city apartments has seen more than 670 individuals interviewed by Dublin City Council.

Officials are clamping down on unruly behaviour by council tenants, with some complexes being monitored at specific times.

According to figures supplied to the Herald, 672 tenants were interviewed last year after the city council received complaints of antisocial behaviour.

The complaints include intimidation, drug dealing and excessive noise.

Officials call out to alleged culprits or else request that they attend an interview at a city council office.

The council is monitoring different flat and housing complexes across the city in an attempt to stamp out bad behaviour.

"A lot of complaints are made on a weekly basis and antisocial behaviour has to be dealt with, as it is having a negative impact on the lives of families," a source said.

"A very proactive approach is being taken to this issue across the city and, when it is deemed necessary, gardai will be called in."

Three city complexes have been under surveillance after a clamping firm complained that its employees were being intimidated and abused by residents.

A notice was sent to council residents in Constitution Hill, Hardwicke Street and St Michan's House warning of the alleged behaviour towards employees of the NCPS clamping company.


The council believes that some residents have also been hacking off clamps. It said the alleged intimidation is being caused by "residents and members of the community".

The notice adds: "We are acting in residents' best interests providing this service, but it will be removed if this intimidation continues."

The situation is being monitored and the council will decide at the end of the month whether to remove the clamping service entirely.