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€6.5m drugs haul linked to bombing of Ormond's home

THE huge drugs haul imported to Ireland from Holland was detected at Dublin Port after it entered the State disguised as frozen pork products in cargo freight.

It was placed under surveillance there and followed when it was being transported to commercial premises in Dublin and Kildare.

Once gardai were satisfied the haul had been split in two and unloaded in both locations, armed officers carried out detailed searches.


In a lock-up commercial premises in Ballyfermot, west Dublin, and another business premises at Newbridge, Co Kildare, detectives found boxes and bags of cannabis resin and herb.

Around 180kg of herbal cannabis was found along with 630kg of cannabis resin. Gardai say the drugs were imported by a gang based in Europe and destined for a gang that controls cocaine and cannabis importation in Ireland.

A senior member of this gang is facing a separate trial in relation to a massive cannabis seizure in 2009.

Despite that bust, he has continued to be a huge player in the national drugs scene and is considered one of the biggest traffickers in the Clondalkin/ Ronanstown area.

The criminal -- who poses as a legitimate businessman -- lives in a huge countryside mansion in Co Kildare.

Another senior member of the gang was recently targeted in a special investigation, codenamed Operation Vulcan.

The swoop led to seven arrests and searches of homes and businesses in February.

The dealer described as "extremely cunning" has only one previous conviction -- for simple possession of drugs and is not linked to any gangland murders.

Originally from the Cabra area, he has been watched by specialist garda units for months and sources say the CAB is now planning to seize his plush south Dublin home. It is understood this man has been in a bitter dispute with feared Tallaght crime figure Paul Rice.

Investigations intensified after the pipe bomb attack on the family home of RTE star Brian Ormond.

The terrifying attack took place last Halloween night when Mr Ormond's parents Jess and Mick were inside.

Nobody was injured, but officers now believe the thugs were targeting Detective Garda Michael Ormond -- a brother of the TV star. Det Ormond has been investigating the activities of the gang.