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60pc in plea for a quick election as ratings slide

THE majority of the population wants an election this year, according to a new opinion poll.

The latest survey revealed almost six out of ten voters want a General Election this year as support for the main parties continues to drop.

Fifty-nine per cent are in favour of an election before the end of this year, with 41pc against.

One-in-three voters want Eamon Gilmore to be the leader of the next Government, according to the poll.

While the Labour leader got the biggest support when voters were asked who they believed would make the best Taoiseach, his commanding lead of 40pc in a similiar poll at the end of June dropped to 33pc in the latest poll.

Fine Gael's Enda Kenny received 27pc support - a drop of 1pc. Incumbent Brian Cowen has the support of just 18pc of the public -- the same lowly figure as in the last poll.

And 15pc said they want none of the three to be the next Taoiseach. And a further 7pc don't know who they want.

The Irish Sun/Red C poll revealed that almost 60pc of voters want a General Election this year. The desire for an election is greater among women at 62pc, while 55pc of men seek an election.

Among 25 to 34-year-olds, who are hardest hit by the slump in the jobs market, 69pc said they want a General Election within the next five months.

The Taoiseach's personal support is particularly dire in Dublin, with just 13pc choosing him as the person who would make the best leader of the Government after the next General Eection. He has just 24pc backing in the whole of Leinster for the top job.

Eamon Gilmore has 40pc backing in the capital, where Labour are expected to make big gains.


Enda Kenny got 37pc support for the post in his own Connacht/Ulster region where Mr Gilmore has 27pc support and Mr Cowen has 20pc.

Nationally, younger voters up to the age of 24 were the biggest backers of Mr Kenny. Mr Gilmore had his biggest backing among the middle-aged, while Cowen's biggest support came from those aged 65 or more. In Dublin, 67pc of people want an election soon, compared to 46 pc of people in Connacht/Ulster.