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60 racism reports to website in four weeks

A NEW online racism reporting system has logged 60 reports in just four weeks.

iReport.ie was launched less than a month ago by ENAR Ireland, but has already seen reports of racism flooding in.

According to director of ENAR Ireland Shane O'Curry, these reports of racism are more frequent than the anti-racism group has recorded before.

They are also more frequent than the reports to An Garda Siochana, which recorded just 19 incidents in the first three months of the year.

"The reports show that migrants and minority ethnic groups, including Travellers, are being subjected to worrying levels of racism and discrimination," Mr O'Curry said.

"People are reporting all kinds of racism, from subtle forms of discrimination to concerted social exclusion, from shouting and name calling in the street to intimidation, spitting, sexual harassment and organised violent assault with weapons.

"We can see this anti-racist sentiment reflected in the fact that almost half of the reports were logged by witnesses, a majority of whom were unrelated to the people targeted," he added.

Some 49pc of the reports were made by witnesses and third parties, with 68pc of these reporters having no relation to the target of racism, according to ENAR.



Mr O'Curry also noted that these cases are being perpetrated by a minority and that the majority of the public in Ireland reject racism.

Other findings from the first four weeks include:

* In 46pc of the incidents recorded, women and girls were the targets of racism.

* 25pc of the incidents recorded racism against people who are black.

* In 20pc of the incidents recorded, children under 14 were targets.

* 89pc of the reports recorded interpersonal, rather than institutional, racism.