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59 suffer from vomiting bug after deaf club dinner at hotel

MORE than 50 deaf people have been struck down with the winter vomiting bug after a gala dinner in the Green Isle Hotel.

Tallaght Deaf Club staged a night out which was attended by 244 members of the deaf community for their 20th anniversary celebrations.

But 59 of the partygoers now have distressing symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhoea, and severe cramps after the party last Saturday.

The club stressed it had ruled out food poisoning as the cause with the HSE and it expected that people would only be sick for a few days.

But one concerned woman told the Herald that a substantial number of people were suffering since Monday and the problem was "very serious".

"There are 59 people violently sick. My sister's boyfriend is very sick and he has severe pains in his stomach and he's still vomiting.

"One person is having injections from the doctor to stop the sickness. It took about 12 hours to come through and people are now suffering from severe cramps and diarrhoea as well. We need to know how 59 people are now sick."

John Paul Monaghan, secretary of the Tallaght Deaf Club said the cause was not food poisoning from food eaten at the Green Isle hotel, since it had been confirmed that people were suffering from the winter vomiting bug.

"It wasn't food poisoning. The winter vomiting bug is going around, and either someone at the dinner or in the hotel had it. There are now people ill and down because of it.


"We are investigating it with the hotel and the HSE jointly, and those investigations are still ongoing. Food poisoning has been ruled out. Samples were taken and reports came back from people concerned that it was not food poisoning."

Mr Monaghan said it was regrettable that the sickness brought a dark cloud over the celebrations.

"Unfortunately by Monday afternoon, there was a little bit of a dampener but the problem was quickly outlined by the HSE.

"Of the cases I know about, it's a thing that goes on for two or three days, but there isn't anyone in hospital."

He said the vomiting bug was common: "A lot of people are gathering in one particular room but there are also people passing through in the corridors. Anyone could have passed in when they thought they were fine and that they could turn up."

Management at the Green Isle Hotel were not available for comment today.