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€5.7m Lotto takeaway for lucky Giustina

IT'S time for Giustina Macari to cash in her chips.

Because it would take a long time to flog €5.7m of fast food.

Not many of us go to the shops to buy cheese and return multi-millionairies -- but that's what happened to Giustina.

The Kildare woman is swapping chips for champagne today after her seven-figure lottery win.

Amid all the reports of Mahon tribunals, household charges and fiscal referendums, at last we have a simple good news story -- a ray (of light) from the chipper.

No one will begrudge the 32-year-old, who spends her days flipping burgers and doling out bags of chips at Macari's, her good fortune.

After years of standing over a fryer, it's dosh, not nosh, from here on.

According to reports, Giustina is a cousin of socialites Virginia and Sonya Macari. She could be set to join them in Dublin's celebrity circles.

She's already decided to invest some of her cash in her first love -- horses.

But before all, that the multimillionaire Ms Macari is planning to do what most of us would if we woke up with a fortune in the bank.

She's taking a well-deserved holiday in the sun, jetting off to Brazil with her boyfriend. And with a polar Easter predicted for austerity Ireland, who can blame her?

Meanwhile, if anyone's jobhunting in Kildare right now there may be an tasty opening coming up...