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€500k gift to UCD business school

AN anonymous donor has gifted UCD with €500,000 for 12 graduates to attend the business school.

The donor is giving the money to the Aspire scholarship fund at Smurfit Business School as a contribution to the recovery of the Irish Economy.

The successful graduates, who may have written off a business masters due to their circumstances, have the opportunity to study at the prestigious course in the Dublin university. The students will have 50pc of their chosen programme fees paid for.

Professor Ciaran O hOgartaigh said that the selection of candidates would be based on financial need and ability.

"We want to ensure that these scholarships go to students who are worthy recipients," he said. "This scholarship will help change the course of their lives.

"Joining the school will provide these scholars with the chance to learn from the very best academics, network with industry leaders and position themselves for a successful career in business."