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50 Shades novel sells out here

IRISH book shops are struggling to keep copies of the salacious Fifty Shades Of Grey on the shelves as tens of thousands of readers snap up the novel.

Just 100 copies of erotic fiction were sold in Eason's last year but already the Irish bookstore said that 60,000 copies of Fifty Shades have been purchased since April.

Publishers are working around the clock to keep the runaway success in print.

"The genre of erotic fiction has been all but dead in Ireland but this has shown incredible sales," Maria Dickenson, head book buyer at Eason told the Herald.

"Apparently it is the fastest selling paperback on record.

"Publishers are working flat out to keep up with demand -- there is a quarter of a million being printed and there is a further 70,000 on order from Ireland."

Book retailers said that the massive sales have breathed life into the industry here.

"Things like this only appear once every three or four years," Martin Edwards, manager at Hughes & Hughes St Stephen's Green told the Herald.

"I'd put it along the same lines as the Harry Potter or the Dan Browns of the world."

The book was dubbed 'mummy porn' because it sold through word of mouth and was supposedly swapped by mums at the school gate.

And there are even rumours that Irish-based authors may try their hand at the more steamy end of chick lit.

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