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43 killed in 
Iraqi attacks

Iraqi officials say a wave of attacks targeting commercial areas in and outside Baghdad has killed a total of 43 people.

They say the deadliest of the attacks was carried out by a suicide bomber who blew up himself among Shiite worshippers who were leaving a mosque in the capital's eastern New Baghdad area, killing at least 15 people and wounding 32 others.

That was followed by back-to-back car bombings in cities south of Baghdad. In Karbala, the explosion killed 12 civilians and wounded 31 others. In Hillah, two car bombs went off in separate areas, killing 11 people and wounding 26 others. Five others were also killed in two separate attacks in Baghdad.

Seven injured in plane collision

Police say two small planes have collided over northeastern Switzerland, injuring seven people.

St Gallen canton police said both aircraft were able to make emergency landings after the collision Sunday afternoon - one in a field and the other at an airfield.

It wasn't immediately clear how badly they were damaged, but a police statement said pieces of wreckage crashed into a local company's premises.

10 die in temple stampede

A pre-dawn stampede killed 10 people at a Hindu temple in central India, a top police official said.

The stampede happened in Satna district of Madhya Pradesh after a live electrical wire shocked a woman, setting off a panic, said SR Yadav, Satna's deputy superintendent of police.

400 gnomes go missing

A leading Austrian political party has issued a garden gnome alert after 400 of its figurines disappeared from lamp posts used in campaigning.

Placed by the Socialist Party ahead of elections in western Austria, the gnomes were hung three metres from the ground - presumably in part to prevent mass pilfering. But a party statement said that 400 gnomes, valued at around €3,000, had gone missing over the weekend.

The party suspects the heists were less outright theft and more dirty electioneering