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4,000 vote for Charles Darwin

Charles Darwin earned nearly 4,000 write-in votes against a Georgia congressman who denounced evolution and other scientific theories as "lies straight from the pit of hell".

The symbolic votes in Athens-Clarke County were a small percentage of more than 209,000 votes won by Republican Rep Paul Broun in his unopposed re-election.

Mr Broun gave a speech to a church group on September 27 lambasting evolution, embryology and the Big Bang theory. Critics then urged voters to write in 19th-century British naturalist Darwin, considered the father of the theory of evolution.

Dad taped tot's mouth for fun

A Chicago man accused of binding his 22-month-old daughter's mouth with tape and posting a picture on Facebook with a caption reading "This is wut happens wen my baby hits me back" has been convicted of battery charges.

Andre Curry (22) was found guilty by a judge following a bench trial of aggravated domestic battery and aggravated battery. He faces a sentence ranging from probation to seven years in prison.

Bush nephew to run for office

A nephew of former US president George W Bush has made a campaign filing required for someone to run for office in his home state of Texas.

Tim Sorrells, general counsel for the Texas Ethics Commission, said George P Bush (36) the son of former Florida governor Jeb Bush, filed a campaign treasurer appointment on Wednesday.

The younger Bush said in September that his goal was to run for office.

Burglar left bill for cleaning

A woman is awaiting sentence for attempted burglary after breaking into a home, cleaning it and leaving a bill for $75 (¤58).

Susan Warren (53) who pleaded guilty, said she was driving by the house in Westlake, Ohio, and "wanted something to do". She broke in, washed some coffee cups, took out the rubbish, vacuumed and dusted inside the house.

Then she left a bill written on a napkin that included her phone number.