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32pc of us are in fear of losing our jobs

A THIRD of Irish workers are worried about their jobs.

The most worried are those in the 35-44 age group, with 39pc expressing at least some concerns about job security, a new survey found.

Some 32pc of Irish workers are worried or had some concerns about their jobs, the survey by investment company AXA Financial said.

"The positive finding is that the majority of people, or 68pc, remain reasonably confident about their job security," David Walls, director of AXA Financial, said.

But hope that an economic recovery will be driven by consumer spending seemed "overly optimistic" at this stage with only 3pc saying they will increase spending.

"This has obvious implications for Government revenue as it faces into the December Budget," Mr Walls said.


The consumer spending feeling is in line with CSO figures released earlier in September, which showed that the value of retail sales had fallen since May and dropped by 3.2pc in July compared to the same month last year.

The main financial priority for 40pc of consumers is "for greater control and by reducing spending and paying off debt," AXA Financial said.

The priority for 37pc is to maintain their current financial position. Women (2pc) are even less likely to increase spending in the current environment than men (4pc).

Even amongst the young (18-24 age group), just 4pc expect to increase spending.