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30kph limit for rush hour cars on Long Mile

MOTORISTS on Dublin's busy Long Mile Road will have to take extra care following the introduction of a new 30kph speed limit.

However, the new special speed limit bye-laws also mean the extent of the 30kph zone on the city centre's quays is reduced.

The lower limit on the Long Mile Road will operate during the morning peak time between 8.15am to 9.30am and in the afternoon between 12.45pm and 4.15pm on weekdays.

It is in place from a point "10 metres east of its junction with Walkinstown Parade to a point 60 metres east of its junction with Slievebloom Park".

The limit has also been imposed on Chapelizod Road from a point opposite the common boundary of numbers 4 and 5 Mullingar Terrace for a distance of 140 metres in a westerly direction.

The hours of operation are 8.15am to 9.30am and 1pm to 3pm.

Council engineer Ronan O'Dea said the reduced limits "apply Monday to Friday during the standardised school year".

He added: "At all other times, the speed limit on these sections of the roads will revert to 50kph."


The new bye-laws also mean the majority of the controversial 30kph zone along Dublin city centre's quays is retained.

Only the section between Fr Matthew Bridge and Grattan Bridge is now a 50kph area.

The remainder -- between Grattan Bridge and Butt Bridge -- is still in place.

Only one submission -- from the Dublin Cycling Campaign (DCC) -- was received on the bye-laws during the public consultation phase.

DCC's Colm Moore expressed concern that it was planned to increase speed limits from 30 to 50kph "on a number of side streets" as well.

Mr Moore said he was referring to the section covered by Merchant's Quay, Bridge Street Lower and Upper, High Street, St Michael's Hill and Winetavern Street.

In response, the council amended the plans so that the 30kph limit is retained on those streets.

In the wake of last year's controversy over the 30kph limit, the transport committee adopted a motion in September to reduce the extent of the 30kph zone.