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300,000 in struggle to pay their energy bills

MORE than 300,000 households face a daily battle to pay their gas and electricity bills.

Growing numbers of cash-strapped families are installing pay-as-you-go meters so they can constantly monitor their usage.

Even before October's price hike arrives for energy customers, massive numbers of households are having difficulty in clearing their energy bills on time.

Some 60,000 homes pay for their Bord Gais supplies with the pay-as-you-go meters.


Struggling householders must now deal with a new 8.5pc rise in prices for Bord Gais supplies, which will push the average home's annual costs up by €70 to nearly €1,000 a year.

Bord Gais said 40,617 of its 346,000 residential electricity customers are 60 days or more behind on their bills.

So far it has agreed 46,000 repayment plans.