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30,000 land in court over rising debt

ALMOST 30,000 with debt problems ended up in the courts last year.

Tens of thousands of individuals are struggling to make ends meet and have racked up huge losses with banks and credit unions.

Individuals who owe less than €6,350 could be hauled before the district court if they fail to pay.

Anyone who owes between €6,350 and €38,091 could find themselves in front of a judge at the circuit court.

Judges say that the majority of cases are brought by banks, finance companies and credit card companies.

Campaigners say that the current antiquated system is not working for householders and low-level debt holders who end up in court.

A number of individuals fail to turn up in court because they are intimidated by the legal process or are burying their heads in the sand.

Judges are increasingly reluctant to make orders to pay weekly amounts in the absence of information on their income or means. And so individuals opt not to turn up to face the music.