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30 pupils treated in smoke bomb prank

A SECONDARY school was evacuated and teachers and pupils treated for minor injuries after a student ignited a smoke bomb as an end-of-term prank.

Almost 30 people received precautionary medical treatment after the evacuation of Pobalscoil na Trionoide in Youghal, Co Cork, at 1.35pm yesterday.

No one was seriously injured in the incident after the device was triggered in a general purpose area of the school. It is understood the smoke bomb was ignited as pre-exam prank by older students.

Emergency services including paramedics and fire brigade personnel attended the scene as a precaution. Those who received treatment did so for minor complaints of nausea and breathing difficulties.

Last night, the school confirmed that the incident is now being "managed".

"A smoke device was activated in the school's general purpose area. As a precautionary measure the school was evacuated and the emergency services were called," a spokesperson told the Herald.

An investigation is now under way, with the school expected to trigger disciplinary proceedings against any student found to have been involved in the matter.