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IT was one of the most unusual sights ever seen on George's Street.

Sooshi, a 30-foot giant green Octopus, hung out of the upper floors of the building on the corner of George's Street and Exchquer Street.

The publicity stunt was a nod to Three's 'All You Can Eat Everything' bill pay offer, which entitles customers to all calls, all texts, all data for €39.75 a month.

3 Ireland looks set to overtake Vodafone as Ireland's largest mobile operator by market share. New figures show the operators neck and neck at 37pc of all phone and mobile broadband subscriptions.

But Vodafone's market share continues to slip, while 3 has seen its portion of mobile business grow.

Aside from gains made by 3 Ireland, the big winners have been Tesco Mobile and Lyca Mobile, which have steadily increased their market share to 5pc.

Vodafone has been the country's largest operator by market share since mobile phones first came to Ireland.

However, including broadband and so-called 'machine to machine' subscriptions, Vodafone remains the largest operator in Ireland by market share and it remains the most profitable company. Text-messaging continues to nose dive as people use alternatives such as WhatsApp.