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29th South Docks Festival a success


South Docks Festival

South Docks Festival

South Docks Festival

The best of the Pearse Street and the City Quays area was showcased at the 29th annual South Docks Festival.

The event is run by St Andrew's Resource Centre in collaboration with Pearse Area Recreational Centre. Dozens of locals turned out to take part in various events included in this year's festival.

It included a senior's day, a parade and a "fair in the square".

A number of local clubs took part.

St Andrew's Resource Centre were keen to thank those who made this year's event a success despite tighter budgets than previous years.

"This year's festival was a fantastic success, with well-attended events, superb volunteers, and a brilliant programme of events. None of this would have been possible without the huge number of people from the local community and local businesses who came together and gave up their time to support a whole week full of events," the staff said in a statement.