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€25k garda club boat is stolen in broad daylight

BRAZEN thieves have stolen a €25,000 boat owned by the Garda Sub-Aqua Club in a daring daylight robbery.

The incident happened at Coal Harbour in Dun Laoghaire at about 4.30pm on Friday, when the boat was removed from its mooring and loaded on to a trailer.

CCTV footage shows the boat being carried away on the trailer, which was being towed by a Mercedes van.


The top-of-the-range Tornado boat was equipped with VHF radios as well as special GPS systems.

Sources say that it is worth at least €25,000.

Gardai did not notice the boat was missing until late on Friday and a major investigation is now under way, with CCTV expected to play a major role.

The Garda Sub-Aqua Club is a private club used by gardai, but the stolen boat has been used in garda operations in the past.

The club is used by many gardai to hone their diving skills.

The Garda Sub-Aqua Club hosts sea safety information nights and many of its members are part of the garda water unit.


A source said: "This was a very brazen crime -- obviously the thieves had been watching the area and had singled out the boat.

"They were very calm and professional in how they removed the boat and left without being in any kind of panic.

"The matter is being investigated by gardai from Dun Laoghaire."

The Garda Sub-Aqua Club is self-funding and relies for its survival on members' subscriptions, draws, fundraising and sponsorship.


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