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€250k gang banker was in bitter feud with 'Mr Big'

A CRIMINAL who was caught with more than €250,000 in euro, dollar and sterling notes in a garda raid was previously involved in a bitter feud with the 'Mr Big' drugs gang.

The feud led to a pipe bomb being placed under his car.

The 30-year-old 'bag man' was not arrested in last week's raid at a house in the Riverside estate in Coolock, which the Herald revealed was targeting the drugs gang which was once controlled by slain crimelord Eamon 'The Don' Dunne.


Details have emerged about the mob's 'banker' who is said to be under "serious pressure" after the huge cash seizure.

The suspect previously became embroiled in a major gangland dispute in 2009 after he approached a main player in the 'Mr Big' mob over a five-figure drugs debt that the criminal's close friend owed to Eamon Dunne's mob for drugs.

When the 'bag man' approached the criminal who was Mr Big's right-hand man, the criminal told him to get lost and that his mate's drugs debt was nothing to do with him.

The incident happened in late 2009 as the 'Mr Big' gangster was leaving a north Dublin gym and noticed that the 'bag man' was taking details of his car reg.

A number of days later, senior members of The Don's gang called to the family home of Mr Big's right-hand man and demanded that he show up for a meeting with them.

A meeting was organised in a northside pub in which Mr Big's associate was savagely assaulted by one of The Don's pals.

Members of The Don gang then took the criminal's car because of the debt that his friend owed the mob.


Following a tense number of weeks, the situation was finally resolved and Mr Big's close associate's car was finally returned to him.

However despite the truce, Mr Big's close associate never forgot the role that the 'bag man' played in escalating the situation when it first kicked off.

And just a few weeks later, a pipe bomb was placed under the bag man's car by Mr Big's close associate.