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20,000 visit new debt website in its first month

THE service set up to help people in serious financial distress received 1,000 calls and more than 20,000 website views since it was first set up.

The Insolvency Service of Ireland (ISI) was established last month to aid borrowers.

However, they will have to wait before they can access the full service.

Individuals can only apply to access the service to identify how Personal Insolvency Practitioners (PIPs) will be registered.

"As soon as they are authorised, they will be on the website," a spokesperson said.

"You can only avail of one of the three new arrangements through a PIP.



"In the cases of a debt relief notice – on amounts up to €20,000 – this will be carried out through approved intermediaries. They will be situated in MABs offices around the country."

Since the website went live on April 18, there have been 20,000 website visits.

"Over 1,000 calls and emails have been received," a spokesman said. "There have been 20,000 visits to the ISI website and 120,000 page views."

Several visits to the website were from people based overseas, including the UK, US and Europe, and the average website duration was five minutes, 21 seconds.

There have been more than 300 inquiries to become a PIP, half from lawyers and half from accountants.



Applications from people seeking help in debt arrangement will not be assessed until the end of June.

The ISI predicts that up to 4,000 people with debts of €20,000 or less – as well as 15,000 with larger debts – will attempt to access the out-of-court settlements in the first year of the scheme.

The Minister for Justice has said that he expects 15-20,000 people to register in its first year.

The ISI has a dedicated information line (076 106 4200) and a website, www.isi.gov.ie