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2,000 homes left in darkness

Portmarnock residents trying to cope with the effects of the big freeze were dealt a further blow last night when they were plunged into a power cut.

Up to 2,000 homes were left in cold darkness when the power went at around 7pm.

Power was finally restored at around 9pm.

An ESB spokesperson said last night's fault originated in a sub-station and was repaired.

Blood supplies running low

The Irish Blood Transfusion Service (IBTS) has warned that it may not be able to continue to meet hospital demand for blood because of the effect of adverse weather conditions on attendance at blood-donation clinics.

Operations Director Paddy Bowler said that the sustained shortfall in collection has reduced supply to five days of O positive and just three days of O negative.

Hotels cut costs for stranded

Dublin hotels have frozen their room prices for commuters who are trapped in Dublin because of the icy road conditions in the Big Freeze.

Some of the major hotels in the city have slashed their room prices and and are offering complementary drinks on arrival to warm the weary hearts of workers who are unable to head home.