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1916 Rising tunnels to be revealed

SECRET battle tunnels around the capital have been revealed in a commemorative project for the 1916 Rising.

"Tunnels were bored from the GPO as far down as Henry Street," explained local councillor Nial Ring, whose grandfather and four brothers carried out the work.

A museum is being built at the National Monument buildings, 14-17 Moore Street, where a number of tunnels connecting number 10 to number 16 exist. Since covered in plaster and wallpaper the tunnels will be revealed when the building work gets underway.

"The joke is there were five rings in the GPO and it wasn't the Olympic flag," said Mr Ring of his grandfather and his four brothers' presence in the post office where they began boring.

The five men, all carpenters, also created secret panels in dozens of houses around the North Inner City for guns to be stored in. Houses in Ballybough, the North Strand and Summerhill still have the panels to this day, believes the councillor.

The museum will involve the demolition of numbers 18 and 19, which currently house the popular Paris Bakery.