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1916 Relatives to appoint new chief after row


Muriel McAuley

Muriel McAuley

Donna Cooney

Donna Cooney


Muriel McAuley

The 1916 Relatives Association which was rocked by the recent resignation of senior figures will see a new chairman being appointed.

The group held its AGM in Dublin yesterday after it emerged over the weekend that an internal row had emerged over membership and the direction of the committee.

Chairman David Kilmartin and secretary Una MacNulty  both stepped down from the group of 1916 relatives.

At the AGM yesterday, a vote was taken as to whether to allow the media to report on the main business.

However, the decision was to hold the meeting in private, as members voted narrowly by 60 votes to 56 to exclude the media.

Donna Cooney, spokesperson for the 1916 Relatives Association, said after the meeting that it was proposed by councillor Nial Ring that the current committee would stay on if they were willing to. In addition, there were three other people nominated from the floor to the committee, she said.

They also got “pages of people” willing to help with their skills.

“We feel very confident going forward that we have a strong committee that have various skills,” said Ms Cooney.

The AGM was held in Dublin yesterday, and a constitution was adopted which will put the association on a more formal footing. The members of the executive committee were elected at the AGM. Those members will then appoint their officers.

“At the next AGM, the officers will be appointed from the floor.

“But the agreement was the executive committee would be made up, with nine on it, and at their first meeting they will appoint the officers.

“There has to be a chair, a secretary and a treasurer, and  other officers as the committee deem necessary,” Ms Cooney said.

They will be appointed at the first committee meeting, which will take place in the coming days.

One of the motions put forward was that we would look for some level of funding to be able to continue on with our activities.

“There is quite a lot of work that is being done.

“We are running on a shoestring. We had decided not to take any membership subs from the members because we don’t want anything that prohibits people from being a member,” she said.

The association has over 900 members and it said the numbers are “growing daily”.

The group is seeking to influence events around the centenary commemoration of the Easter Rising of 1916.

Four motions were passed at the meeting, including one that the “Relatives Association will pay tribute and remember the men and women of 1916 who fought for Irish freedom with a wreath laying ceremony at the Garden of Remembrance on Easter Saturday 2015.”

The association also  passed a motion calling for the full implementation of the recommendations of the Dublin City Council Moore Street Advisory committee.