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191 banned from the roads after hitting penalty points limit


 LAW: Garda checkpoint

LAW: Garda checkpoint

LAW: Garda checkpoint

THE number of drivers disqualified from our roads for accumulating 12 penalty points last year was the lowest in four years, new figures show.

Some 191 motorists were taken off our roads in 2013 after being hit with penalty points.

Of those, 66 were repeat offenders who had previously accumulated 12 penalty points and had already been disqualified from driving on Irish roads.

Most disqualifications were handed out to drivers in the capital with 78 drivers in Dublin picking up 12 points by the end of 2013. Overall some 1.3m points were handed out to motorists in Dublin last year.

In total, 2,069 drivers have now been off the roads since the penalty points system was introduced in 2002.


The 2013 figures is the lowest in four years. In 2012, 244 drivers were disqualified, in 2011 that figure was 233 and 294 in 2010.

In 2009, 173 drivers were disqualified after receiving 12 penalty points.

Drivers are disqualified from driving for six months under the current system if they accumulate 12 points in any three-year period.

Where a person accumulates 12 penalty points a notification is issued to them and the disqualification starts 28 days from the date of issue of the notification, according to the RSA.


Transport Minister Leo Varadkar said the issuing of penalty points was part of a range of measures now in place to deter dangerous driving on Irish roads.

"Penalty points alone aren't enough of a deterrent. What they are is part of a whole suite of measures that are in place in order to ensure that people behave safely on the road. But on their own it's never going to be enough and of course there are other prosecutions as well and other ways of enforcing the law," he said.