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€19 smartphone has 36-day battery

a new low cost smartphone has a one-month battery life and can still play movies and other media.

The Nokia 130, with an expected cost of €19, is targeted at the 'second phone' market.

This would be for the consumers who require a back-up handset in case of emergency or who don't want to risk losing their expensive smartphone at festivals, concerts or holidays.


At least 10pc of smartphone users damage or lose their devices on nights out or weekends away and battery life is also a widespread problem, with many devices requiring 'top up' charges during the day.

The new budget device from Nokia can last on standby for 36 days, or 13 hours' continuous talk time.

But the phone is a simple smartphone - it comes without apps or
a touchscreen, even though it can also play movies and music on its colour display through a memory card.

The Nokia also has a torch on the back of its case.

The new offering comes despite Ireland's move away from so-called 'dumb phones'.

Research from Irish operators and the telecoms regulator suggests that two-thirds of Irish people now use smartphones, with almost four in five new handset sales constituting touchscreen devices.

However, high-end devices such as the iPhone or Samsung Galaxy S5 cost more than €500 to purchase outright.

Nokia is being integrated into Microsoft, which completed its acquisition of the ailing Finnish phone-maker earlier this year.