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14 on train roof killed by bridge

Fourteen young job seekers travelling home on the roof of an overcrowded train were killed when they hit a low road bridge in northern India.

They had been among 200,000 hopefuls that had turned up for just 461 jobs being offered by an Indian paramilitary force in Bareilly, a town nearly 115 miles from Lucknow in Uttar Pradesh.

They later crammed into trains and those who could not get into the coaches clambered on to the rooftops on their way home.

Fourteen were killed and another 13 people injured and taken to hospital.

Billy Joel needs help, says Elton

Elton John has sent a message to alcoholic singer Billy Joel, urging him to be serious about rehabilitation and "do something better" with his life.

Recovering addict Elton said Joel should approach rehab as he did -- with patients cleaning floors, not watching television.

Elton said Joel was going to "hate" him for this, but he needed tough love.

He said former touring partner Joel had missed many concerts because of his drinking problems.