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12 die in bomb at busy market

A blast rocked a vegetable market in Somalia's third-largest city, Baidoa, killing at least 12 people and wounding at least 30.

The country's top militant group, Al Shabab, claimed responsibility.

Prime minister Abdiweli Mohamed Ali said of the group: "What they did was contrary to Islam and our culture. We are committed to clear Al Shabab out of the country."

A witness said the bomb was concealed in a flask placed along the street where market traders sell vegetables.

Fewer teenage mums in the US

The birth rate for teenagers in the US has dropped to the lowest ever, with the fewest number of babies born to the age group since 1946.

The rate fell 9pc in 2010 and 44pc since 1991 as health-awareness campaigns hit home.

"Most researchers would say it's due to this magic combination of less sex and more contraception," said campaigner Bill Albert.

Even with the decline, the US has one of the highest birth rates for teenagers in industrialised countries.

N Korea rocket disrupts flights

airlines will reroute flights over the Philippines to avoid a rocket North Korea is expected to launch in the next week.

About 20 flights including Philippine Airlines, Cebu Pacific, All Nippon Airways, Japan Airlines, Korean Airlines, Garuda Indonesia and Delta Airlines will be rerouted between Thursday and Monday, when North Korea says it will launch a satellite. The exact timing depends on weather.

There is widespread fear of debris from the rocket.

Weller blasts talent shows

Paul Weller has criticised so-called "edgy" aspiring singers who chase success by auditioning on TV talent shows.

The former Jam frontman said he would never become a judge on competition shows like The Voice or The X Factor.

Weller (53) said: "You get some of these kids who think they're a little bit 'edgy', got a bit of a Pete Doherty haircut.

"You're not edgy, really, mate. Otherwise you wouldn't be on an effing talent show, would you?"