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€11.3m Lotto winner is from inner city and '90pc sure to be taxi driver'


Bar manager Carl Kennedy

Bar manager Carl Kennedy

Bar manager Carl Kennedy

The lucky winner of the bumper €11.3m Lotto jackpot is from the inner city area - according to excited locals.

The one winner of Saturday's National Lottery still hasn't claimed their prize, but reports are circulating in nearby pubs that the winner is from a stone's throw of where they bought their winning ticket.

Bartender Glen Bewley (26), from Sheriff Street, said a lot of people were claiming they knew who won.

"There have been a couple of rumours and that. You're going to hear a bit of hearsay, you know this person and that person won it locally," he said.

"There's a bit of excitement now that it's been won across the road… it's good for the area."

Mr Bewley works in Lloyd's Bar on Amiens Street, across the road from the shop that sold the winning ticket.

Mick Duffy (80), from the north-inner city, is convinced it has to be a taxi driver.

"There's a lot of taxis that pull in there all day because of the proximity of the rank here. I'd be 90pc sure it was a taxi driver who won the jackpot, I'd bank on that," he said.

Councillor Nial Ring also believes the winner was a taxi driver and is hoping it was a local person. The north-inner city is enjoying a lucky streak it seems as this isn't the first big win the area has seen.


"€25,000 was won in a local bookies, a guy had a fiver bet on, and that was a guy from the North Strand… we can certainly adapt to champagne no problem here," Cllr Ring said.

He hoped some of the money might go to help children and homeless, saying: "You can't spend €11 million by yourself."

Senior bar manager of Mullett's, Carl Kennedy (36), from East Wall, said: "A few people reckon it's someone around the area. It's about time we had a bit of luck in the area, with everything going on. I'll tell you one thing - they'll have a good Christmas."

Several people said they heard it was an assistant chef from Sheriff Street but none would provide further details.

The winner has 90 days to pocket the cash after the day of the draw. A spokesperson from the National Lottery said: "Some winners come in quite quickly but others wait a while, so there's no way of knowing." The lucky numbers were 2, 6, 21, 23, 29, 44 and the bonus number was 44. The winning ticket was a Quick Pick selection and was bought on Saturday.

This is the second-largest jackpot this year and workers in the Spar shop at the Top Service filling station are getting their fare share of jokers.

"More than 10 people came into the shop as a joke saying that they have the winning ticket," said sales assistant Usman Khalid (30), from Smithfield.