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€10m pledged in overseas aid

Almost €10m was today pledged to help feed some of the poorest people in the world, the Government announced.

The Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food made the cash donation to the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP).

Minister Brendan Smith said: "This money will be used by WFP to provide food to the hungry poor, and in support of the increasing numbers of emergency situations."

Race in China to save miners

Rescuers raced to pump water out of a north China coal mine today in efforts to save 153 workers trapped when a flood rushed through the tunnels.

The accident in the Wangjialing coal mine yesterday would be one of the worst in recent years if rescue efforts fail.

Youngsters hit by 'parent trip'

Cash-strapped young people are continuing to holiday with their parents well into adulthood, according to a survey.

More than half of people in their 20s have been on trips with their mother and father since turning 18, the poll by travelsupermarket.com found.

As many as 37pc cited money-saving as the reason for falling into the 'parent trip', although 43pc said they enjoyed spending time with their mothers and fathers.

95-year-old in turn for worst

A 95-year-OLD man surrendered his licence after driving the wrong way down a major road for nearly five miles near Essex in the UK.

Police said they received more than 20 emergency calls, and had to block sliproads to stop traffic getting on to the carriageway.