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€10.5m restores Titanic's little sister to former glory

A ship used to take well-heeled voyagers to the Titanic has opened to passengers again after a €10.5m refurbishment.

The SS Nomadic – the last remaining vessel of the White Star Line – is expected to attract more than 44,000 visitors to Belfast over the next year following a refit lasting the best part of a decade.

Today the Titanic's little sister, which ferried passengers from the shallow waters of Cherbourg harbour to the ocean-going behemoth, is restored to its former glory and nestled in a dry dock near where it was built a century ago.


Denis Rooney, chairman of the SS Nomadic Charitable Trust, said: "This reinforces the message of Belfast's former pre-eminence as a maritime city. This is a reminder of those days."

The Nomadic was bought at auction in France in 2006 for €250,000.