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€10.5m 'is not enough' to house the homeless

Dublin's Lord Mayor is considering taking legal action against the State for failing to house families sleeping rough, even though the Government set aside €10.5m for homeless services in the Budget.

"I may consider taking legal action against the State for its failure to provide temporary accommodation for men, women and children who finds themselves destitute," the Lord Mayor Christy Burke told the Herald.

He was commenting on the announcement of €10.5m in the Budget to be used towards tackling homelessness.

"€10.5m - it's great it's there, but it just scratches the surface. It doesn't address the actual issue."

And Brother Kevin Crowley of the Capuchin Day Centre hopes that the €10.5m is not just lipservice.

"I hope this isn't just a mouth piece, there has to be accommodation provided immediately. We need to get people off the streets," said Brother Crowley.

Also commenting on where the cash will go was director of Inner City Helping Homeless, Anthony Flynn.

"The Government stands idly by whilst the homeless sector continues to spend. This budget increase proves a major lack of long-term vision on the Government's part," said Mr Flynn.