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1,000 trees to replace 400 moved by council

FINGAL County Council is to plant more than 1,000 trees after it dug up hundreds because they were planted in unsuitable conditions during a boom-time development.

More than 400 roadside trees have been removed in the village of Lusk, Co Dublin, the last of which was in November.

Residents had complained to councillors after 12 trees were cut down because they had either died or been vandalised. Some trees had snapped because they were so weak.


On inspection last September, tree specialists found that those located right by the roadside on the Lusk Ring Road were all either weak or dead, while the same species of tree only a few yards farther off the road were thriving.

A council spokesman said the reason for the growth failure was because there was not enough soil in the location where they were planted.

There are also underground services where the trees were put in, which further hampered their growth.

The trees were planted during the construction of the ring road in Lusk by a consortium of developers.

It was decided that all trees would have to be removed and replanted in different locations.

At a council meeting this week, it was agreed that 1,000 beech hedging plants would be planted in the village as well as 50 large canopy trees, 24 lime trees and 21 cherry trees.

It is unclear how much the replanting process will cost.