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1,000 homes a day sign up for last year's tax

NEARLY 1,000 people a day are still signing up for the household charge.

New figures show that more than 60,000 households have have registered since the start of 2013.

While the figure includes waiver registrations, most will have paid €130 for late payment this year.

The €100 charge was payable on or after January 1, 2012 and applies only to 2012.

It officially ceased on January 1, 2013, but all outstanding arrears will "remain to be collected", according to the Department of the Environment.

Environment Minister Phil Hogan revealed that, up to the end of 2012, the number of registrations, including waiver registrations, was 1,129,521.

"As of April 15, the number had increased to 1,189,768," the Minister told Sean Fleming, Fianna Fail spokesman on Public Expenditure and Reform.

"Under the Act, an owner of a residential property on the liability date is liable to pay the household charge, unless otherwise exempted or entitled to claim a waiver.

"It is a matter for an owner of a residential property to determine liability and pay the charge," he added.

The Local Government Management Agency is administering the household charge on a shared service/agency basis for all county and city councils and they had provided the latest figures, Mr Hogan added.



The new local property tax legislation has introduced changes to how late payments penalties are calculated, the Minister's Department says.

Arrears will be capped at €130 for those still liable if it is paid by April 30.

"For May and June, the charge will increase to €144 and €145 respectively.

"From July 1, any outstanding household charge will be increased to €200 and added to the local property tax due on the property."

The Department warns that the Revenue Commissioners will pursue the money when the LPT system is fully operational.

Interest and penalties under the LPT system will apply to the additional €200, it says.

The LPT will come into effect from July 1.

It is being administered by the Revenue Commissioners and a half-year charge will apply in 2013.

Last week, Revenue said 130,802 properties liable for the new property tax had registered.

The tax collector has sent almost 1.3m letters, covering 1.6m properties, to date.

On Saturday, anti-home tax activists will gather in Dublin to 'discuss and debate' the next steps in fighting the property tax, the Campaign against Household and Water Charges said.

Delegates from branches across the country will attend the meeting in a Dublin hotel, it said.