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100 new jobs at Dublin IT firm

Up to 100 jobs are to come online at a Dublin-based IT company.

The positions for IT consultants are coming onstream at the Irish operations of Version 1.

The firm has been allocated €8m for the move through the BDO Development Capital fund. The company says it will use the money to expand its operations.

Version 1 was founded in 1996 by Justin Keatinge and currently employs 500 people here, and in the UK.

Workers pull holiday sickies

As many as a quarter of workers "throw a sickie" on their first day back from holiday, according to a new survey.

While 25pc report in sick, around the same number spend hours daydreaming about their next trip, the Travelex poll found.

Male holidaymakers tend to pack on the day of departure while 40pc of women start filling suitcases a week in advance.

Based on responses from 2,000 in-work adults who had been on holiday, the survey also showed nearly half admitted to being distracted at work when returning from a break.

Lightning kills man on beach

A YOUNG man died after lightning struck 14 people at a popular Los Angeles beach and a golf course.

The 20-year-old man was taken from Venice Beach and pronounced dead at hospital.

The lightning struck as rare summer thunderstorms swept through California.

Steve Christensen said his friend tried to help when lifeguards began searching for a missing swimmer.

"He went out to the water to find him and walked right into him," Mr Christensen said. "He was face down on the bottom."

Tortoise helps croc to escape

An owner of a zoo in the US said a 12in alligator has escaped, possibly with some help from a tortoise.

The alligator reportedly got out of an enclosure at the GarLyn Zoo in Michegan and was not caught.

Gary Moore, who runs the zoo, says he suspects the alligator slipped under a fence, adding a tortoise that walks in the area, wearing away dirt, was an inadvertent accomplice.