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100 homes lost power in gales

ELECTRICITY supplies to 100 homes in Co Kildare were due to be restored this morning after high winds downed power lines last night.

Some 100 homes were left without power shortly before midnight as crews worked to repair lines.

People in the area reported intermittent cuts to supply from early yesterday evening as the area was hit by strong winds.

Beatles fans in Abbey Rd error

Some Beatles fans looking for the zebra crossing made famous by the Beatles album Abbey Road have been going on a mystery tour -- turning up nine miles away at a station in east London.

Paramjeet Kaur, who runs the Star Newsagents near Abbey Road station, says an average of about a dozen Beatles fans a day turn up looking for the world-famous crossing outside the Abbey Road studios, which are actually in the leafy north London suburb of St John's Wood.

Execs top for hair-loss ops

Executives are the most likely to invest in hair-loss surgery, according to a leading hair restoration clinic.

HRBR, whose celebrity clients include the X Factor's Louis Walsh and actor James Nesbitt, said 13pc of all patients undergoing surgery in 2011 were company directors, followed by showbusiness figures then accountants.

The vast majority of clients -- 92pc -- were male but by no means all were older men with 37pc under 39.

Boy (10) meets his rescuer

When a Texas fourth-grader was talking with his classmates about where they dreamed of going, his answer was not an amusement park or sporting event. It was "his" fire station.

Koregan Quintanilla was abandoned at an Arlington fire station when he was just a few hours old in 2002.

Koregan got his wish for his 10th birthday. He met Arlington firefighter Wesley Keck, who found him a decade ago, and rode on a fire truck.

Koregan's mother, Rebecca Quintanilla, said the youngster has always known he is adopted.