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100 body parts found after Breivik bomb

RELATIVES of Anders Behring Breivik's victims sobbed and embraced as evidence was given about how their loved ones had died in a bomb blast.

After testifying for five days, Breivik (left) listened silently as others described the mayhem caused by his bombing of Oslo's government district, a scene one witness described as a "war zone".

Breivik admits the bombing and a subsequent shooting massacre at a Labour Party youth camp that left 69 people dead, most of them teenagers.

"More than 100 body parts were found in the government district," said police official Ole Morten Stoerseth.

Relatives of those killed hugged each other during the autopsy presentations.

Breivik claims the attacks were "necessary" and that the victims had betrayed Norway by embracing immigration. The far-right fanatic remained mostly expressionless during the hearing . But he smiled when a security guard, who was inside when the bomb exploded, called Breivik's motive for the attacks "totally absurd".

The trial continues.