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1 out of 8 motorists drove the morning after booze


Drink-driving checkpoint

Drink-driving checkpoint

Drink-driving checkpoint

One in eight motorists have risked driving over the limit the morning after drinking alcohol, a survey has shown.

The AA Ireland research found 13pc of motorists got behind the wheel the morning after drinking at some point during the past two years.

"Some people will think a few hours' sleep and a strong coffee will have them in a position to drive safely the morning after, but you could easily still be above the limit and represent a danger to yourself and other road users," said Conor Faughnan, AA Ireland's director of consumer affairs.

More than 5,000 motorists were questioned, and one in eight admitted driving the morning after a few drinks while uncertain if their blood-alcohol level had returned to the legal limit.

Nearly 8pc of motorists admitted having driven under those circumstances on at least one occasion, and 4.07pc said they had done so up to five times.

Only one driver in 200 took the risk on five or more occasions.

The survey results come after repeated road safety and anti-drink-driving campaigns in recent years and a tightening of the law on driving over the limit.

The AA also found 4pc had been the passenger in a car when they knew or suspected the driver to be over the limit.

More than 2.5pc had found themselves in a car being driven by someone likely or potentially over the limit in the past two years, and 2.05pc said this had happened on more than one occasion.

The AA is encouraging drivers to never drive after drinking.

"Many of us will be spending time between Christmas and New Year with family that we may not have seen much over the past year," Mr Faughnan said.

"Understandably, even if a traditional night out isn't an option this Christmas, people will want to celebrate with their loved ones in some manner.


"However, if you know that you must travel the following day, it's important you act appropriately.

"We've come a long way in terms of our attitude to drink-driving as a country, and the overwhelming majority of us view it as something that should never be done or tolerated.

"Unfortunately, there exists a small number of people who that message hasn't reached yet and they continue to risk not only their own lives but the lives of other road users.

"Just as there's no valid reason for getting behind the wheel while over the limit, there's no valid reason for allowing someone to drive in that condition."