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... And he's coming here, says Trinity student daughter

HE'S back on Earth and we could be his next port of call.

The 53-year-old astronaut now intends to visit Ireland, where his daughter Kristin is currently studying a PhD at Trinity College.

Kristin said that her father's homecoming is bittersweet given his love for being in space.

"I am actually a little sad that he's coming home. My dad has dreamed of being an astronaut since he was nine and he absolutely loves being in space," she told the Herald.

"Of course, it'll be nice to give him a hug and have him at Christmas this year but, if he could stay up for another six months, I'd only be happy for him to do so," she added.

Hadfield gained a huge Irish fan base when he began tweeting 'as gaeilge' and posting stunning pictures of Ireland from space.

Yesterday, he made headlines yet again after recording a rendition of Bowie's 1969 Space Oddity hit.

The video, posted on YouTube, shows Hadfield strumming a guitar while floating in the space station.

Mr Hadfield will now return to Canada and will undergo rehabilitation.

But his daughter told the Herald that he intends to visit Ireland soon.



"He and my mom had been tentatively talking about coming this summer but, obviously, he's been a bit busy and so no plans are finalised," Kristin said.

"He came and visited me at Trinity last time he was here. I actually sent a Trinity shirt up to him in space, but the capsule that was supposed to deliver was delayed, so it never got to him."

Hadfield is an accomplished guitarist and is the first astronaut to record a song in space.



Last month, he was one of several astronauts to perform with Irish music legends The Chieftains during a February 15 concert in Houston.

Nasa astronauts Cady Coleman and Dan Burbank joined The Chieftains live on stage during the concert, with Hadfield pre-recording his portion for the show.

His daughter said that, while her family do not have any Irish relations, they love Ireland and feel an affinity with our people.

"I think that lots of Canadians have a strong affinity for Ireland.

"Plus, the response from Irish people has been so positive that he feels extra close to his Irish fans."