New mum wants to raise B&B baby here

REUNITED: Brighter future for son found in bedroom

Cormac Murphy

THE mother who abandoned her newborn baby in a Dublin guesthouse has now vowed to raise the child in Ireland.

The German woman told gardai she wants to keep the child, having met him three times.

She had left baby Luke lying on a bed at the Glen Guesthouse on Lower Gardiner Street before she got a taxi to the airport and flew to Germany.

The child was taken into care after being discovered by staff at the guesthouse.

The woman, a student in her 20s at UCD, was joined on her visits to her son by her parents who have now returned home to Frankfurt.


It is understood she now hopes to complete her studies and ask a family court if she can be reunited with her child, who is only a few weeks old.

The mother is believed to have bonded with the baby during supervised visits and now wants to keep him.

On April 14, guesthouse worker Zhana Klisuoska (28) found the tiny baby cold, hungry and crying with just a nappy and a vest on.

The story unfolded when the mother, who had arrived at the premises with her son the night before, checked out of her accommodation at 5.30am and got a taxi to the airport. More than two hours later Zhana was cleaning the bedrooms when she heard the baby screaming.

"I was asking myself, 'what is happening with the baby?' It was screaming and I could hear it in the hallway," she told the Herald at the time.

After the baby was found, gardai made contact with German police and the German Embassy in a bid to locate the woman and encourage her to return. The HSE took the child into emergency care.