New mum Lucy races back to the airwaves

Laura Butler

THINGS are uncertain at RTE at the moment -- so it appears new mum Lucy Kennedy is trying to be a model employee.

The radio host has returned to work less than a month after giving birth to baby Holly.

But she says that the short breaks to present her weekend show are keeping her active.

"I was back into the studio last Friday, it was like I never left. I missed Baz terribly, so it was really nice getting back. We're like brother and sister, beyond friendship at this stage.

"I love our little show. I was looking forward to getting back in to the banter with my pal. It's a blessing we get paid to do the job, we genuinely love it," she told the Herald.

And the presenter is planning on bringing her little addition to the office with her.


"I have a very good baby so far, it's like she's always been in our lives. She's sleeping well, feeding well and she's very placid. Maybe it's a second child thing, or that girls are more chilled. She's wonderful.

"I did get nervous in the latter stages of my pregnancy about minding two babies, but it's totally manageable and Jack is settling in really well with her. I'm very lucky."

However, despite being back in the studio so quickly, RTE has not given Lucy (34) any assurances about the future of her morning show. She doesn't yet know if it will return to the airwaves in September.

"This current contract finishes up in June or early July, so whether it's renewed or not we don't know. It'll all be reviewed in the next couple of weeks.

"Please God our contracts will be renewed. Like everything at the moment, things are very uncertain," the mum-of-two added.

Last week's JNLR figures showed up a drop in listeners for the chatty host, but Dubliner Lucy is thinking positively.

"We were down in figures unfortunately, we went up last time around and were down this time around, so technically we broke even," she said.

Lucy is also being kept in the dark about her upcoming TV project, expected to being filming over the summer.

"They still haven't told me what exactly the show is, they're keeping me in the dark because they know I'll slip up and let the cat out of the bag," she laughed.