New Dublin GAA jersey is given the thumbs-up by fashion elite and fans

STYLE: Bernard Brogan

Kirsty Blake Knox

THE shiny new Dublin GAA jersey has already got the nod of approval from Ireland's fashion elite.

According to stylist Darren Kennedy, the 2014 strip is a vast improvement on last season's jersey.

"I think its miles better," he told The Herald. "I think it's dynamic and very flattering."

According to Darren, the new slightly darker shade of blue is a winner.

"The zingy blue colour will look great on the players," he added.

"I think the tone of blue really makes the logos pop and I love the navy accent on the collar.

"And it's a slightly darker shade which will be great for the more rotund GAA fans – as we all know dark colours tend to be a lot more flattering."


But Darren (inset), who currently hosts a Style Squad section on ITV's This Morning, thinks it may take hardcore fans some time to get used to the new jersey.

"A lot of the fans may initially be a bit reluctant to embrace the new strip," Darren said.

"Especially given the great memories attached to it, Dublin taking the Sam, but I think it's just a matter of time before they embrace it."

Designer and stylist Sonya Lennon also agrees the colour is an improvement from last year's paler shade.

"I think the colour is cute," she said.

"But when it comes to sportswear; the body makes the jersey.

"I'm not a fan of synthetic fabrics but I understand they need to wear them on the pitch. But performance clothing should be worn by performers or players."

"It's a little more streamlined," Dublin based stylist Justine King said.

"And there is a lot less clutter which is a good thing. It's a bit more refined.

"I think it's a little cooler then the previous year. I'm not a huge fan of men wearing jerseys to bars but they could get away with it in this." The new jersey retails at €60 and is bound to be top of every fashionable Dubliner's Christmas List.