Nasri: I know I'm a jerk

Manchester City's Samir Nasri celebrates scoring against Stoke City with David Silva

Manchester City midfielder Samir Nasri admits he can sometimes be a "little jerk" but has vowed to continue speaking his mind.

The Frenchman has been surrounded by controversy at various times during his career and developed a reputation for making forthright comments.

However, Nasri has stressed he is not about to change.

The 27-year-old, who notched a fine goal in Wednesday's 4-1 Barclays Premier League win at Stoke, was quoted by L'Equipe as saying: "From time to time (I can be) a little jerk.

"Sometimes it is better to shut up, but it's something I cannot do.

"I managed when I was younger and I would sometimes come home with a lump in my stomach. Next, you explode but not at the right person.

"So I prefer to say what I think - even not being loved, even sounding arrogant, even being a little s***.

"At least the people I love do not suffer."

Nasri has been quoted hitting out at his former boss Roberto Mancini - the manager who signed him for the Blues - and fans of his old club Arsenal over the last few years, as well as the French media.

He also reportedly quit playing for France after falling out with his international team-mates and coach Didier Deschamps.