Name rogue banks, say FG

Banks that continue to link wage perks to inappropriate risk taking should be named and shamed after a damning review found little change in pay policies, it has been proposed.

The Central Bank said just one bank had made progress in reforming how it rewards its executives, but it did not name the institutions.

Fine Gael's deputy finance spokesman Brian Hayes said: "I think they should name the banks," he said.

"We own these banks effectively. So why should we treat them any differently to public authorities?"

Vigil for soul legend Aretha

A community prayer vigil has been held in Detroit for Aretha Franklin, a day before organisers say the singing legend is to undergo a medical procedure.

Last month, the 68-year-old singer announced she was cancelling all concert dates and personal appearances until May on the orders of her doctors.

Franklin was not at the vigil, but in a statement she thanked the City Council, saying "all prayers are good".

No jail for boy after attack

A 16-YEAR-OLD boy has been given one year's supervised probation for a drink-fuelled attack which cost a man his livelihood.

The boy had pleaded guilty earlier at the Dublin Children's Court to attacking a now 59-year-old groundskeeper of a south Dublin park, which happened on April 4 last year.

The judge said he would follow the recommendations of the report and impose a 12-month probation bond on the boy, who was accompanied to his case by his mother.

The man, who already had arthritis at the time of the attack, has been unable to return to work.

Popemobile may go solar

The Vatican said Pope Benedict XVI would gladly use a solar-powered popemobile as another sign of his efforts to promote sustainable energy, but one has yet to be offered.

Cardinal Giovanni Lajolo said Benedict would prefer an electric popemobile to a traditional, petrol-powered one given the priority he has given to making the Vatican a leader in green energy.