Nadia - 'I'm after a man who can make me laugh'

By Laura Larkin

STUNNING Nadia Forde has warned potential suitors that she won't be easily swept off her feet.

The model-turned-singer revealed that a sense of humour is a key trait in any man who wants to take her off the market.

"The kind of man I go for, and I know everyone says this, is a man who makes me laugh," she revealed.

Modelling is about putting on a front, she said, and she wants a man who will allow her to relax and "be silly".

"I want someone who accepts me, flaws and all," she admitted in a very personal interview with VIP magazine.


Gorgeous Nadia recently relocated to London to pursue a music career and the busy Dubliner has too much going on to bother with a relationship unless he is really special.

"I've learned that I just won't entertain the idea of a relationship unless I really liked them; I'd much rather be on my own," she said.

Being on her own is something she is growing more accustomed to now that she is busy raising her profile in the UK as a singing talent.

Her glamorous gran Bernie, who raised the leggy brunette since she was just eight years old, has very different ideas about the type of men that her granddaughter should be pursuing.

Nadia has learned to avoid talking about her love life with her inspirational grandmother.

"I've been in situations where guys have not been faithful and that really breaks her heart, so I would just rather her not know anything," she said.

Nadia is currently promoting her new single BPM.

The song last month debuted on the UK Urban Charts at number 22.

Nadia previously told The Herald that she was "thrilled" with the success of the release

She landed her own reality show with 3e called Nadia Goes to Hollywood, which looks set to be re-commissioned for another series.

Meanwhile, the star caused tongues to wag last week when it emerged that she may be set for the jungle.

I'm a Celebrity is rumoured to be considering the Clontarf babe for a spot in the Australian jungle as this year's eye-candy.