my perfect weekend

Chloe Townsend (25), sister of actor Stuart Townsend, is the designer of Willow & Clo Jewellery

Anna Coogan

On Friday night I'd: Sometimes I have work on Saturday so Friday night tends to be my dinner-with-friends-but-not-too-crazy night. Or if there is a movie out I'm dying to see I will do a cinema night with my boyfriend.

My favourite stiff drink is: Captain Morgan's spiced rum with ginger ale and lime, it's yum.

Saturday morning lie-on or gym session: I would have to go with a lie-in, I value my sleep and a leisurely brunch way too much. I'm a big fan of yoga, though, so if I'm not hungover it might get a look in.

My favourite item of clothing is: My favourite pieces are always my jewellery or my bags. I have a cupboard dedicated to my bags!

My Saturday night fever: I love getting dressed up, it's sometimes my favourite part of the night, especially if the girls come over for a few drinks beforehand while we finish getting ready. I like to go to places where I can have some nice cocktails and chats with my friends, like Pygmalion on South William Street or No Name Bar on Fade Street. Later we'll move on to a club for a good dance.

My favourite hangover cure: Brunch! My favourite meal of the week. My man is an expert at making poached eggs so brunch in bed makes a hangover much better. If he doesn't want to cook we go to BB's Cafe for brunch, they do a really fab French toast with berries.

On Sunday I rest by: Vegging out in front of the fire reading or watching a good movie. If it's nice out, a long walk does wonders for clearing the head. Then it's on to my family's Sunday dinner for a catch-up and yum food.

I'm currently reading: Two books. I started The Count of Monte Cristo which is brilliant but then Amy Huberman's new book, I Wished For You came out and I couldn't resist. I love reading as I find when work gets too hectic the best way to fully switch off is by delving into someone else's story.

My last supper: I'm such a foodie so this is a hard choice but I would go with scallops pan-seared with bacon to start. Duck confit with potato gratin for a main and, most importantly, for dessert lots of chocolate bars and jelly sweets.

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