my perfect weekend

tv Presenter Geraldine O'Callaghan (28) happily ditches the gym for breakfast in bed

On Friday night I'd: Chill out after a hectic week by having a hot bath with aromatherapy oils and candles with a glass of wine. Then an Indian takeaway and cuddle up on the sofa watching a chick flick.

My favourite stiff drink is: Jameson with 7up and a piece of lime with plenty of ice

Saturday morning lie-in or gym session? I do like the gym on Saturday morning, but if I have the option of cuddles and breakfast in bed made by my man, then of course, I'm ditching the gym.

My favourite item of clothing is: It wouldn't be clothing, it has to be shoes and the higher the better. Size really does matter when it comes to heels!

My Saturday night fever: Night on the tiles with great friends in great clothes, drinking great cocktails and having a great time. I don't have a favourite club per se, so it could be anywhere in town.

My favourite hangover cure: Everyone always talks about a fry to cure a hangover but while I love a fry, I don't get it. For me, the best thing is Berocca with Solpadeine and then plenty of Powerade. Also that day, I eat loads of vegetables to replace any vitamins lost the night before and it's early to bed as my hangover only ever kicks in in the evening. I'm usually fine up until about 5pm. Trust me to do it backwards.

On Sunday I rest by: Sleeping in until I bother to wake up, of course. Then home to mammy to have my Sunday roast served up to me followed by loads of telly and an early night.

I'm currently reading: Just finished 50 Shades of Grey and can't be bothered to read the next two as I honestly didn't get what all the fuss was about. By the time I got half way through it, I was scanning through the sex scenes as I thought it was actually a bit repetitive and found it hard to endure any girl allowing a man to dominate her.

My last supper: Shut up and pass me the chocolate before I die. Don't talk to me while I'm gorging and if anybody warns me how fat it'll make me, I'll manage to kill them before I go.

Geraldine will appear in an upcoming episode of TV3's Celebrity Come Dine With Me