My pal Karen's set to be a real supermum

Ccongratulations to my colleague and pal Karen Koster, who announced this week that she's expecting a baby in the New Year. I must remind her that she will henceforth be referred to as a 'supermum'. Purely because she has a job outside the home and a baby. Those descriptions drive the STAH (stay at home) mothers crazy - because they're the ones who should be wearing the cape.

IIs Rob Ford the new Bill Clinton? A recent poll has put the crack-smoking Toronto mayor as being more popular than US president Barack Obama. What does it say about what they've come to expect from their politicians in North America? Possibly the same as we expect on this side of the pond: little or nothing.

TThe European Court of Human Rights has upheld France's ban on wearing a burqa in public. While many believe the burqa is misogynistic and oppressive, banning it may only mean that more women will want to wear it. Education for all of us, Muslim or otherwise, is surely the key to having ensuring less women want to wear it.