My Health: Pamela Flood presenter (39)

Do you go to the gym or classes?

I don't do the gym, but I swim three times a week. I aim for between 1,500 and 2,000 metres each time. I'd probably go even more than that if it wasn't for the hair issue -- blonde highlights and chlorine do not mix!

Do you take vitamins or supplements?

Yes, I take iron, as I was recently told that I'm slightly anaemic; Pregnacare, for obvious reasons; and omega 3, also for the baby.

Have you ever been in hospital?


What was your worst illness?

Nothing more than a stinky cold.

What is your favourite cure if you are sick?

Bed, telly and loads of Lemsip.

Do you get your five-a-day, ie fruit and veg?

No, but I do try. I have got better since becoming pregnant, but I probably still fall short most days. I was never great about eating fruit, even as a child.

Any vices?

Chocolate, crisps, pizza, takeaways ... need I go on? I would probably have some chocolate every single day, but the others would be much more in moderation.

Ever dieted?

Tried a few times, but never lasted a day. Keeping an eye on your portions is a better way to go than faddy diets. Also, little and often works best for me, too.

Any family ailments?

My mam suffered with COPD [chronic lung disease], but none of the rest of us has any serious ailments.

How many hours of sleep do you get a night?

Between seven and eight. Any less than seven and I'm in a semi-daze for the day.

Do you have any health goals?

To get fit again -- I haven't really been fit since I was in my early 20s. Also, to strengthen my back, as that's my weak point. Hence all the swimming, and it's working.

Do you smoke or have you ever smoked?

Yes, I did for quite a few years, but I'm glad to say I kicked the habit some time ago.

What is your favourite leisure activity?

Walking our two energetic retrievers.

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